How Shirsasana (Headstand) changed my life

A few months into my Yoga Practice, I was intensely drawn towards practicing the Shirsasana (Head Stand). I started reading through various websites and watching videos and started practicing against the wall. Some days, I slumped, some days I seem to get it right somewhat but what I surely lacked was consistency. I had to start all over again, when I did not practice for a few days but the heart and the body were not ready to give up. After a few weeks, I was slowly trying to move away from the wall inch by inch until about a year later, I learnt to hold myself upside down anywhere, anytime for a few minutes !!  When I look back, I realized that my practice with Shirsasana was actually a step by step journey of looking at life upside down and being comfortable with it. A 360 degree view of business situations occurred to me easily but everything else in my life seemed to be a challenge bound by my thoughts. With Shirsasana, my limiting thoughts and strong belief system was gradually chipped away allowing me to take a step back and view every situation with compassion. The wall was my support, silently doing the job of teaching me to hold myself through difficult situations with hope. Shirshasana has its physical benefits too, it immediately recharges the body and eliminates fatigue, brings a glow to the face and eyes and of course postpones graying (I started too late).

It is best to practice Shirshasana under the guidance of an able teacher, who would advise whether to do it or not based on health conditions (blood pressure, eye, abdominal and spinal issues) teach the nuances of getting into the pose, of preparing the body to hold the weight upside down, to strengthen the core and ofcourse breath control. I found it useful to lock my hands against the wall, raising my body in Parvatasana (Mountain Pose), walking my legs towards my head, slowly raising my body half way with the wall supporting my spine and raising my legs straight up to rest against the wall. There is a sweet spot on the top of the head which helps us to balance. Take it slow and easy and you will get there !!

As I practice Shirsasana for a minute or two every day irrespective of where I am, I realize that it requires immense effort to get angry, am able to accept people and situations as they are leaving enough space and energy for me to conclude “Life is a Vacation” indeed !!

Harmukh Peak

About Sangeeta

Once upon a time workaholic, now on a refreshing journey, cultivating infinite patience and acceptance- Sangeeta travels extensively in India and overseas experiencing, learning and unravelling !!!
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