7 Usual lessons Unusually learnt in Hampi Temple

We were in Hampi some time ago and decided to visit the Virupaksha Temple near the river side which is also the only functional temple for regular worship. A short walk along the path next to Tungabhadra River leads to this old Shiva Temple better known as Virupaksha Temple. Little did I know while visiting the temple that I would end up learning 7 usual lessons unusually in the next few hours.

Hampi Virupaksha Temple EntryHampi Virupaksha Temple Nandi

The doorway was crowded as usual but the battery of cows black, white, spotted were far too disciplined to nibble away at the bananas that were left around. They seemed to be completely concentrated on the visitors who were jostling to get inside. Lesson 1: Greed never helps, Be patient, your turn shall come. We made our way in to discover yet another cow standing happily next to the Nandi (the sacred bull worshiped in Hinduism) waiting for a kind glance, a loving touch from visitors. Lesson 2: Stop, See, Feel. Divinity is not only in the stone idol but all around just embrace it.

Once we entered the temple we could see monkeys all around. My gaze fell on the playful one who was sitting atop a golden dome. Suddenly, he jumped down and ran towards a man who was walking in the temple and tugged at his dhoti (white garment worn by Indian men). Lesson 3:Be playful yet observant to seize the right opportunity sent by the universe. The man obliged by pulling out something from the basket in his hand while the monkey patiently waited. Lesson 4: Ask politely but firmly and it will be given by the universe. The monkey clasped his hands in gratitude and then moved to a corner pondering over what he had received.  Lesson 5: Express gratitude for everything received and contemplate in isolation.

Hampi Virupaksha Temple Wish FulfillmentHampi Cactus View

While walking around the courtyard, I was intrigued by the crowd near a stone slab. Apparently, if you could touch the fingers after encircling the protruding stone all your wishes would be fulfilled. It was quite tempting, everyone looks for shortcuts and I am no exception but it turned out to be Lesson 6: Every desire is fulfilled if you make an effort with complete resolve and not by mindless action. While walking out of the temple for the next stop, the clear view between a bunch of cactus caught my attention. I was left thinking that nature always sends us messages, we miss out cause we are not in the present. Lesson 7: While the present situation may appear to be fraught with thorns, it is just a barrier that we have to overcome to rest in clarity !!

Reaching Hampi: Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site about 350 kms from Bangalore. It is connected by road and rail from Bangalore. It is the remnants of an medieval ruined empire which is of immense historical and archaeological value. It is a must visit site in South India for history and the unmissable Coracle Ride in the river.

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Once upon a time workaholic, now on a refreshing journey, cultivating infinite patience and acceptance- Sangeeta travels extensively in India and overseas experiencing, learning and unravelling !!!
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