Fishy Times in Bergen, Norway

While planning my trip to Norway, I was quite intrigued reading up on the Bergen Fish Market but was considering giving it a miss since I have seen enough of those in India. It so turned out that the hotel we were booked into was close to the harbour, a stone’s throw away from the Fish Market. With a tad bit reluctance, I made my way and what transpired over the next two hours is anybody’s guess. We did a quick recce of the place before settling down in a corner sampling the taste of Torget (Bergen Fish Market).

My friend soon shed all her doubts and indulged into the fresh aroma of the mildly spiced salmon, smoked chewy whale and the juicy succulent lobster as they made their way onto our plate one after the other. The cool breeze across the harbour and the warm sun shine on our back just added to the taste !!

Bergen is the central point for a trip around the fjords – Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord and Hardangerfjord. If you are in Bergen, make sure to visit the fish market for a meal if not all :). The market is open from 8 am in the morning until 7 pm in the evening on all days.

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  3. ashok says:

    look delicious!


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