2014 – Did you list “Intentions” or “Resolutions” or Nothing at all

Happy New Year Everyone !! Did your year 2014 begin with Resolutions, Intentions or you just left it blank for time to write on your behalf ? I sat with a pen and paper, not to write resolutions but to list out intentions. Over the years, I have moved on from writing resolutions which never lasted beyond a few weeks, to doing nothing, to learning to intend and let go. This year I listed a set of intentions and no sooner had I completed writing, I could feel the emotions wash away. The moistness at the corner of the eye which led to a tear or two rolling down my cheeks, dried out on its own. Life is a Vacation, I told myself. Actually, the list was more of travel and experience and a few tangible material desires.

For years, resolutions were goals which had to be achieved, they were a matter of pride and prestige which would challenge the ego. In my zest to live up to the resolutions, I would often end up being very harsh on myself and soon fatigue would take over leading to dissolution of the resolution. There was a time in my life, I was disillusioned by the concept of resolutions and suffered from bouts of hopelessness until I discovered the power that lay within. Sometimes, I wonder whether I discovered spirituality or spirituality discovered me but it did open the doors to intentions, the power of imagination, the power of letting go and allowing the universe to take over.

Resolution is a goal that is loaded with expectations, of wanting to set something in order that is perceived to be not right. This leads to not accepting ourselves the way we are and focus on the negatives and forcibly try to correct it with a defined process and often without understanding the root of the issue. Eg; people want to get over anger and try to adopt different methods without accepting the angry inner child and understanding the root cause of the emotional anger.

On the other hand, intentions are about accepting oneself and imagining a positive self without defining a set path and trusting the universe to open up the route with time. Eg; A person often experiencing anger understands the root cause and intends to develop patience and acceptance which would automatically take care of the emotions that trigger bouts of anger.

How far I will proceed with my intentions ? As far as the universe takes me ahead 🙂

About Sangeeta

Once upon a time workaholic, now on a refreshing journey, cultivating infinite patience and acceptance- Sangeeta travels extensively in India and overseas experiencing, learning and unravelling !!!
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16 Responses to 2014 – Did you list “Intentions” or “Resolutions” or Nothing at all

  1. i*Kan says:

    Happy new year Sangeeta! Hope the universe takes you towards your intentions 🙂


  2. Nice perception ….hope you are true to your intensions 😉 happy new year


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