Life along the Narmada, Omkareshwar

Having lived in tropical countries most of my life, hot summer (April-May) is all about an affair with mangoes and other seasonal fruits largely remaining indoors during the day . This year was no different and as usual I was suffering from parting blues from the delicious mangoes when I decided to give myself a break and take a solo trip to embrace monsoon along the river Narmada. While most countries up the Northern Hemisphere are smiling under the sun and making the most of summer, life in India is all about romancing and loving the monsoon (June-July). The heady concoction of the different shades of green, pitter patter rain, the smell of wet earth, is sure to intoxicate the most grounded soul. I walked along the river Narmada in Omkareshwar, getting drenched in rain, observing and reflecting on life.

“Will you take me across- for you are not flowing water but my mother”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Cleanse my cloth, my soul, my life !!”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Come, I promise to be your messenger and reach your words to the divine”Omkareshwar-Priest

“Whats life, but doing things together near her (Narmada)”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Come Rain, Come Sunshine, my smile is intact next to her (Narmada)”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Take me home, Take me home !! your soothing grace heals my life”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Life is enjoying the innocence of growing up with soft baby corn”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“The taste of earthy roasted peanuts, is a reminder that everything is not as they appear to be !! Explore, Embrace, Evolve”

“Solutions to all earthly issues are found by her side with her grace”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Getting wet has its own pleasure !! You keep the cold and cough at bay !!”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Walking together by her side, she will take us across the ocean of life”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Yours and mine, she is our mother too !! Hold my hand”Omkareshwar-Narmada

“Coming together under the tree, we are family, we are blessed”Omkareshwar-Narmada


Travel Tip: Indore is the closest Railway Station and Airport about 90 kms away. There are regular buses from Gangwal bus stand in Indore or take a taxi. Stay in Gajanan Maharaj Dharamshala which is spic and span and looks very neat and simple. I was on a day trip so did not stay here.  Boat Rides for crossing the river (Rs 10/-) or a joy ride is negotiable.

Most people head to Maheshwar also by the Narmada River about 60 kms away or Ujjain another seat of Jyotirlinga about 150 kms away. Additionally Mandu about 100 kms away on the way to Ujjain is a great place to visit for history and art.

Best Time to Visit: All year through but July to March is preferable since the summer months of April to June are very hot and sultry.

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Once upon a time workaholic, now on a refreshing journey, cultivating infinite patience and acceptance- Sangeeta travels extensively in India and overseas experiencing, learning and unravelling !!!
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