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Uncrowned King of Fruits~ Jackfruit presented with a twist

It is not everyday that you get an invite to try a specially curated breakfast and that too revolving around my favourite Jackfruit !! While most people find this tropical gem messy and smelly, I have always had love, love … Continue reading

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X is angry, Y is angry, Are you angry?

Sometimes, I am told “X” is angry with Y” and “Y” is angry with “Z” or “Are you angry with me” and so on which makes me wonder whether every one on earth is busy getting angry with someone or … Continue reading

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“Heal thy” self to Life is a Vacation

A few years ago, I was sitting on a couch in a doctor’s clinic wishing my stomach cramps would just vanish into thin air and I would be spared from these periodic visits. I tried my best to be patient … Continue reading

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Awareness 360 Degree

Often we are upset with a situation or a person(s) thinking how we have been hurt or inconvenienced and hopelessly blaming them for all that has happened or is happening to us. During that time, we prefer to remain in … Continue reading

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