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Walking through Paradise, Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass is an amazing journey through the lower Himalayan ranges (Shivalik) tracing the source of the River Rupin. It begins with a gentle walk through forests and villages and thereafter gets exciting with rocky trails, flowery meadows, edge of … Continue reading

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Vibrant Flowers in Rupin Pass Trail in Himalayas

While walking through the Shivalik Hills in the Himalayas, I would often stop by to smell the flowers, enjoy their uninhibited dance in the rain, loving their many colors dotting the landscape. I don’t know their names, nor do I … Continue reading

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Exploring the Elements through Photographs

Sometimes I travel in search of history, sometimes for art and culture and more often than not in search of nature’s creations. There have been several moments during my travel journeys when I have been one with nature and these¬†photographs … Continue reading

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Flying over the Himalayas, India

Himalayan Range is the crowning glory of India. Rightly named as the Snow Abode, it occupies a special place in the religious and cultural fabric of India across Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The revered Hindu Gods are believed to reside … Continue reading

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First Glimpse of “Chadar”- Ladakh, India

Sometimes in life you feel a void inspite of everything being the way you want it to be or rather they are supposed to be. At that point, the soul begins a search for that something to bridge the void, … Continue reading

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Upside Down Good Morning with Yoga

My mornings begin with Yoga which sets the tone for the day. Every morning is a good morning with a little bit of Yoga thrown in. My anytime, anywhere moments are defined by Shirshasana which instantly recharges my batteries. During … Continue reading

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At the feet of the Mystic Mountain – Kailash (Part 1)

My feelings towards mountains have matured over the years from fear to awe to love. I have enjoyed being around the Himalayas and the Alps,watching the peaks glow every morning and evening under the warm rays of the sun. However, … Continue reading

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