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Kappa Chakka Kandhari ~Lost in Time; Taste from Kerala

Kappa Chakka Kandhari !! The names of 3 special vegetables ( Tapioca, Jackfruit, Chilly) that every Malayalee is nostalgic about, the smells and the tastes that grand mothers dished out from their kitchens cooking on country clay ovens, carefully prepared … Continue reading

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Life in the Backwaters; Kerala

The best things in life come for free or rather almost free. I spent 2 days in the Backwaters, the first in a home stay (Breeze Backwater Homes) by the waters in a small sleepy village¬†in Kuthiathode close to Cherthala … Continue reading

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Tryst with Kerala Dance Forms; Greenix, Kochi

I often wondered why Kerala was known to be God’s Own Country, surely the rest of it did not belong to the Devil. Did the people of Kerala generously bribe God or was God simply partial after a heart Kerala … Continue reading

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Foodie Trail in Kochi and Backwaters, Kerala

Apart from nature and culture , my 4 day monsoon trip to Kerala was also about the taste of the land. The best way to explore any place is to indulge in food specially in local hideouts, ask for dishes … Continue reading

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Beach Hopping in Kerala

Every monsoon, I yearn to be near water !!¬†though it may not be the best time of the year to do so. This year, it was Kerala and along side cruising around the back waters, I spent some time on … Continue reading

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Horn Art from India

I was rooted to the spot in front of a makeshift Pandal in Kolkata during Puja 2013. The makeshift horn pandal and display of horn art was spectacular to say the least. My camera could not do justice to what … Continue reading

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Bamboo Art from Bengal, India

It was a festive evening in Kolkata and while I watched well dressed men, women and children turned out in their finest with a spring in their step my eyes did not miss the stall selling art pieces across the … Continue reading

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