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A “Royal Retreat” in Kapilvastu, India

Royal Retreat, Kapilvastu is an amazingly beautiful hotel located about 20 mins away from the main town of Kapilvastu. This 19th century, summer retreat tucked away in idyllic settings is a perfect place to rest and reflect during the journey … Continue reading

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Awareness 360 Degree

Often we are upset with a situation or a person(s) thinking how we have been hurt or inconvenienced and hopelessly blaming them for all that has happened or is happening to us. During that time, we prefer to remain in … Continue reading

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Through the Door: A Date with Myself

My life was in motion interspersed by different doors, some wooden, a few steel and glass and one purely invisible, the existence of which I was blissfully unaware of. I lived closeted between them, breezing out every morning through the doors in … Continue reading

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Creativity – Thy Name is “Orange”

We are the creator’s creation and we are creating at every step !! Does creativity have a colour, a shape, a distinctive smell or is it all pervasive I wondered for many years until the Chakra Meditation Class one morning. … Continue reading

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“THOUGHT” …..I decline your Love

29th April 2013, Bangalore Dear THOUGHT, You have sent me this beautiful message wanting to be with me for ever but I am sorry I will have to decline your intense love for me. I have learnt to be independent without your … Continue reading

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Confessions of an ardent Temple Goer

23 April, 2013. Bangalore Dear God, It’s been a while since I have stopped visiting your home (temple) regularly. Years ago, I was there nearly every day sometimes with flowers, sometimes with fruits and sweets and sometimes with just myself. More … Continue reading

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