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Glimpses at Night-Durga Puja in Kolkata

It is that time of the year in Autumn when Kolkata (erstwhile capital of British India) turns into a celebration of life, love and faith. The city turns into a grand art gallery by the day and appears to be … Continue reading

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Ruins of Mandu, Enduring Time and Tide

If you thought that multi level malls and stores were a thing of the 20th century, think again !! Gada Shah’s Shop in Mandu is now a ruined monument but 5 centuries ago, it was a shopping hot spot. Mandu … Continue reading

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Man & Monkey: Dialogue of Love & Understanding

I often wonder about the emotions of animals and birds, observing them closely. These pictures depict an unexpressed dialogue between man and monkey. The bond between mother and child transcends boundaries of life and death. A monkey comforting her brood on … Continue reading

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Life along the Narmada, Omkareshwar

Having lived in tropical countries most of my life, hot summer (April-May) is all about an affair with mangoes and other seasonal fruits largely remaining indoors during the day . This year was no different and as usual I was suffering from parting blues … Continue reading

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2 Men, Music and Light

I was standing in a corner of Virupaksha Temple in Hampi, when my gaze fell on the man blowing hard at his trumpet next to a dust bin. What a contrast !! but music has the power to illuminate the darkest … Continue reading

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Split Second Story with Terracotta Khullar Art

Every frame is a story, a narration of that something which is apparent and something beyond. Walking around in Kolkata, I stopped in front of a work of art made from Khullars better known as terracotta (burnt clay) mugs. If you … Continue reading

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Life on Top: Bird’s Eye View

I always envy birds for their ability to just fly off any where without a care, no visa, no ticket and nothing to weigh them down. Sometimes, I feel that they have their emotional highs and lows, moments of fear, … Continue reading

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Street Life in Kolkata, India

The best way to experience Kolkata is to walk on the various streets, navigating through buses, trams, cabs and of course sea of people moving around busily. If you have time, then amid all the chaos walk leisurely on the … Continue reading

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“Inside” a Mother’s Heart, Berlin, Germany

Berlin Walk is a spectacular journey through the old and the new and I enjoyed every moment of it. Infact, it is one of my favorite cities in Europe and given a chance I would happily stroll around Berlin for … Continue reading

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Dal Lake on a Misty Morning, Kashmir

The beauty of the Dal reflects the mood of the sky!! On a quiet misty morning, we were floating on a Shikara to go towards the floating vegetable market. Warming up with cups of Kahwa wrapped in woolies and blankets … Continue reading

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