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Golden Hour shows the Day, Ahmedabad

I am a morning person. my day is pretty much defined by the first one hour at sunrise which is the golden hour. During my workaholic days, I would be seated in a car headed to the airport or checking … Continue reading

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Nestled in Peace- Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad

For me Ahmedabad was always synonymous with Gandhi Ashram. Every time I read something about Mahatma Gandhi, I wanted to visit the ashram. Finally, I had the opportunity to visit Ahmedabad on my way to Kutch and while I packed … Continue reading

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Fairytale Moments in Copenhagen

I had this dream of Copenhagen being a pretty picturesque town surrounded by lakes where the Little Mermaid sat on a rock. When we reached Copenhagen (Kobenhavn), I could barely wait to dump my bag in the hotel room and … Continue reading

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Graceful Curves- Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi,India

Vijay Vilas Palace overlooking the Arabian Sea in Mandvi (Kutch area) is one of the recently constructed palaces in India compared to its Rajput counterparts. It is an epitome of graceful curves built in fusion architectural style of  local Kutch, … Continue reading

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Beauties on a Tree, Indore, India

Their deep gaze unnerving at first but later I could not keep my eyes of them. I was walking around the Jain Temple complex in Gomatgiri, Indore when I glanced towards the tree in the corner on the slanting slope … Continue reading

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Background is Red but name is Blue – Nobel Hall, Stockholm

Dressed in different shades of blue, we headed to the Stockholm City Hall for a guided tour. We entered the celebrated “Blue Hall” where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held each year on December the 10th. The hall has a … Continue reading

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Face is the Mirror of the Soul- Kolkata Puja Idols

Home to 3 of India’s 5 Noble Laureates, Kolkata is the educational, religious, cultural and heritage capital of the eastern part of India but actually beauty in imperfection. This vibrant city is warm in its embrace and still warmer in … Continue reading

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Postcards from Bodo in Norway

The train journey from Trondheim to Bodo was a treat for the eyes, passing through shades of greens and blues until we crossed the Arctic Circle when shades of brown took over. Walking towards the hotel from the train station, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern in Sidi Saiyyed, Ahmedabad

Walking around in Ahmedabad city, we reached the busy street corner where the 450 year old Sidi Saiyyed mosque is located. The intricate “Jali” or Lattice Work Pattern carved in stone on the rear windows of the mosque is hard to miss. … Continue reading

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Hand Made Bells from Kutch, India

While searching for hand-made bells in the villages of Kutch, I had actually landed at the doorstep of a bell maker turned part time Morchang Musician.  After a musical session at his home in Nirona village, (on the way to … Continue reading

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