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Spellbound by the Sleeping Buddha – Sandakphu Trek

Buddha is lying in eternal sleep atop the highest point in India on the Kanchenjunga Range. No, it is not a statue like the one in Kushinagar but the snowline that appears like Buddha in deep slumber overlooking and protecting mankind. … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Remember!!

During the Trek to Sandakphu, we would often pass through small villages. Invariably, one of the dogs from the village would lead the way guiding us as far as they could; often dashing ahead with a mild growl if we … Continue reading

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Romancing the Flowers in Eastern Himalayas!!

I trekked in Eastern Himalayas (Sikkim, Darjeeling, Arunachal) in Spring for consecutive years and between the unforgettable views, long walks, wild winds and chilling cold; I remember those stolen moments of romance with the flowers. They bloom along the mountain … Continue reading

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Connection, Interconnection and Emotions

Life is a series of events, some connected some interconnected and some seemingly transactional but if you see through the eyes that are located deep within your heart; you find a different meaning for every moment.  I was trekking in … Continue reading

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Stunning Terracotta Temples of Kalna

After looking around the Naba Kailash Complex where 108 Shiva Temples were arranged like rosary beads; we went across the road to the Rajbari Complex. Yet another set of stunning temples (5) displaying terracotta art sprawled across a well maintained … Continue reading

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Temples appear like Rosary Beads; 108 Shiva Temples in Kalna

My earliest recollection for the name Kalna was from a poem by Rabindra Nath Tagore elucidating the wacky lifestyle of an old lady and her grand mother-in-law’s sisters. These ladies used to store their pots and pans in the clothes … Continue reading

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Forgotten Toys of Childhood

These days children’s toys are slick, they are smart and they appear from a different world altogether. Every time, I have to gift a toy to a little one, I find it way too impersonal, without the touch of love. … Continue reading

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Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe, Kolkata

Tiger Tiger burning bright; In the Cafe in broad day light !! am sure William Blake will  pardon me for this distortion if he ever had the opportunity to walk into Royal Bengal Tiger Cafe. On a fleeting visit to Kolkata, … Continue reading

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25 Must See Kolkata Durga Puja, 2015

Its that time of the year again, when I am a tourist in the city where I was born and raised during my formative years. I criss crossed around the city for 3 long days, visiting close to a 100 … Continue reading

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In the Garden – as Fresh as it can get

Nature renews itself every moment and all we need is a fresh pair of eyes and an open mind. Some pictures from the Botanical Gardens in Kolkata which is the largest in Asia and home to many species of birds … Continue reading

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