My View:))

Some say Life is Beautiful, Some Say Life is Difficult, Some Find it Painful, yet Some others find it Tiring…..BUT what if Life was to be a Vacation on Earth to enjoy its boundless beauty, eclectic tastes, experiencing beautiful emotions before we retire to our HOME and come back on yet another vacation in another place, another time with different people!!!

Come travel with me to different parts of India and other beautiful countries on earth and together let us turn pages of history, admire architectural gems, walk through mountains, float on the rivers and lakes, chase our shadows in the desert, follow the sun and moon, watch the wild, come home with the birds, explore culture through art, craft & delectable cuisines, experience the silence of our soul and meet a little bit of us in every person we meet!!! If this seems like hard work we will stop now and then to breathe and stretch with yoga and contemplate in places brimming with divine energy.

When we start treating Life as a Vacation, the process of letting go, of forgiving, of loving and accepting, begins unknowingly and quietly, filling us with a sense of peace, calm and infinite patience. As we relish the vacation appreciating the beautiful creations of nature,and living each moment with gratitude, our hearts deepest desires begin to manifest.

Once upon a time workaholic, now on a journey cultivating infinite patience and acceptance, everything here is my learning experience from travel, food, people, yoga and things that touch my soul which is making my vacation on earth memorable every moment.

206 Responses to My View:))

  1. harsh says:

    Wonderful at mandvi

  2. ywwp says:

    Good job for the blog – blog title speaks a lot. keep it up. regards

  3. Shipra Day says:

    Really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Sangeeta,
    Amazing posts and stories :) Adore the concept – ‘Life is a vacation’ :)
    Lets stay connected

  5. vijaykoradia says:

    nice work

  6. Kalpa says:

    Hi . Beautiful TRUTH. We should be connected.

  7. AV says:

    Hi Sangeeta

    I am planning a trip to Bhuj-Kutch in Jan 2015 with my girl friends for 4nights/5days from Ahmedabad. Where do you suggest we should start? Five days may not be enough to cover everything you have posted, but want to make it best of it.

    • Sangeeta says:

      Hi AV,

      This is what I can recommend.
      Day 1- Ahd to Bhuj (5-6 Hours) Sightseeing in Bhuj
      Day 2- Mandvi
      Day 3 and Day 4- Great Rann of Kutch
      Day 5 – Back
      You can skip Mandvi and do Little Rann or one of the sanctuaries.


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