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X is angry, Y is angry, Are you angry?

Sometimes, I am told “X” is angry with Y” and “Y” is angry with “Z” or “Are you angry with me” and so on which makes me wonder whether every one on earth is busy getting angry with someone or … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Freedom

One morning in my balcony I had an unspoken conversation with a bird, a blooming flower and the wind. They are very lucky, I thought to be free all the time since rules and traditions did not chain them down … Continue reading

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Last Conversation

Have your ever abruptly ended a conversation or switched off during one allowing your wayward mind to go adrift or just looked through someone who looked at you with expectant eyes since your mood was not right or ignored a … Continue reading

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The World through my Eyes

The world through my eyes is a rainbow of love, patience, wonder, joy, compassion, reflecting on our actions and the eternally burning hope of light in moments of darkness. I seek them everywhere, everyday and often come across where least … Continue reading

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Awareness 360 Degree

Often we are upset with a situation or a person(s) thinking how we have been hurt or inconvenienced and hopelessly blaming them for all that has happened or is happening to us. During that time, we prefer to remain in … Continue reading

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Awakening the CEO….

Several years ago as an impressionable twenty something just out of B-School, I came across “Only the Paranoid Survive” by Andrew S Grove the founder of Intel, that turned out to be my bible. His lines on managing an individuals … Continue reading

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Through the Door: A Date with Myself

My life was in motion interspersed by different doors, some wooden, a few steel and glass and one purely invisible, the existence of which I was blissfully unaware of. I lived closeted between them, breezing out every morning through the doors in … Continue reading

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